ESSAE photography portfolio

Lee and Catherine

Braysher 1 Braysher 1A Braysher 1B Braysher 2 Braysher 2A Braysher 3 Braysher 4 Braysher 4B Braysher 5A Braysher 5B Braysher 6 Braysher 7 Braysher 8 Braysher 8B Braysher 8C Braysher 8D Braysher 8E Braysher 9 Braysher 9A Braysher 9B Braysher 9C Braysher 9D Braysher 9E Braysher 9F Braysher 9G Braysher 9H Braysher 9I Braysher 10 Braysher 10A Braysher 10B Braysher 10C Braysher 10D Braysher 10E Braysher 11 Braysher 11A Braysher 11B Braysher 11C Braysher 11D Braysher 11E Braysher 11F Braysher 11G Braysher 12 Braysher 12A Braysher 12B Braysher 12BB Braysher 12C Braysher 12D Braysher 12E Braysher 12F Braysher 12G

Congratulations Lee and Catherine! A truly happy wedding day, held at Sutton Grange Winery near Bendigo, full of fun and laughter.

A large number of Lee’s relatives, and friends of both Lee and Catherine from England made the trip to… Continue reading